Visionaire Presto Predictive Modelling

Plan, prepare, and improve efficiencies for all of your TKAs

What is Presto?

VISIONAIRE Presto predicts knee implant sizing for all Smith & Nephew Total Knee systems prior to stepping into the OR. VISIONAIRE Presto is a predictive modeling and logistics tool available to all Smith & Nephew Sales Representative on their mobile devices.

How does it work?

By entering patient’s gender, age, height and weight, calculations can quickly be made to predict knee implant sizing. By knowing implant sizing ahead of time you and your Smith & Nephew Sales Representative can better plan and prepare for all TKA cases. VISIONAIRE Presto also helps to improve efficiencies by streamlining your case with reduced instrumentation and inventory. These efficiencies can improve the workflow of your OR.

Is it validated?

VISIONAIRE Presto is an algorithm based off of data from 16,000 VISIONAIRE Cutting Guide cases from the US. It has been validated and has proven to be 93% accurate +/- one size; comparable to the accuracy of templating. This gives you and your sales representative the confidence of stepping into the OR with a validated tool.*

VISIONAIRE Presto is one of the many added services your Smith & Nephew representative can provide to you to be as prepared as possible stepping into the OR.



* Data on file. Disclaimer: VISIONAIRE Presto is a logistics tool used to predict implant sizing. VISIONAIRE Presto results are simply suggested sizes to put forward for consideration. It is recommended implant sizing is determined intra-operatively per the standard total knee systems’ surgical technique.