Clinically Proven


Improved Accuracy More efficient operations Better patient satisfaction

Improved Health Economics

VISOINAIRE reduced the odds of an outlier in mechanical axis by 46%

Reductions in:

  • Time in the operating room 9.6% shorter
  • Operating room turnover time 42% shorter
  • Tourniquet time 20.2 shorter
  • Reduced the length of hospital stay by 10.2%
  • 53% less likely to require a blood transfusion

$1108 estimated mean hospital cost savings
28% less likely to be readmitted to hospital at 365 post-TKA


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Hicks C, Saunders C. VISIONAIRE™: More efficient for total knee arthroplasty (TKA) than conventional techniques. Evidence in focus: Systematic literature review and meta-analysis. 2018.