Patient Privacy

Is patient data secure in the VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides Service system?

The foundation of a Visionairecase is the patient imaging data submitted to Smith+Nephew by approved imaging centers. The submitted imaging data contains patient information, the security of which is of the utmost importance to Smith & Nephew. As a result, Smith+Nephew is committed to keeping patient information private and protected from the point of submission through to data archival following shipment of the cutting guides.


  • Access to the Visionairewebsite is password protected
  • Image data is submitted to the VISIONAIRE website by an approved imaging
    center via a secure encrypted upload.
  • The website is hosted on secure Smith+Nephew location protected by a
    firewall. Access to the stored data is password protected.
  • Image data is stored in an access controlled storage device.
  • Patient medical data is used to design, construct and deliver the VISIONAIRE
    Cutting Guides. Only individuals actively involved in this endeavor have access
    to this data via password-protected access to the Smith+Nephew network.

For more information, please see the Patient Data Confidentiality and security overview statement

Is patient data in the VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides Service system kept private?

Smith+Nephew is committed to making sure your personal data is secure and confidential. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, Smith+Nephew has technical and organizational measures to safeguard and secure your personal data. All Smith+Nephew personnel and third parties S+N engages to process your personal data are obliged to respect your data’s confidentiality.

Visionaire needs personal data of the Health Care Professional to ensure access to the Visionaire website, which allows you to create user profiles, schedule surgeries, and manage your account. This information also allows us to provide you with support as needed.

Visionaire also requires patient identification data to ensure that each Surgical Guide is designed for the correct patient. This information is matched to the required medical images and to label the product correctly and is verified by the operating clinician at the time of use.

Your personal data is accessed in the Visionairesystem by the following persons/teams:

  • Visionairepersonnel directly involved with the design, manufacture and production of the Patient Specific Guides;
  • Third party service providers, limited to individuals involved with the design of the Patient Specific Guides (these third party service providers can only process your personal data on instructions from Smith & Nephew and they are not permitted to use your personal data for their own purposes); and
  • Information and Cyber Security personnel as required to protect S+N systems and data.

For more information, please see the Visionaire Privacy Notice

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