Literature + Technique

VISIONAIRE Adaptive Guides are based on 10 years of clinical history1 and over 200,000 surgeries performed.

Adaptive to the surgeon

  • Increased surface area contact provides tangible feedback
  • Angles of paddles allow immediate visual placement verification
  • Improved instruments to immediately verify alignment

Adaptive to the patient

  • Patient variation was an inconsistent parameter but was the most important design feature needing to be met
  • The robust design dynamically updates to capture patient variation for improved guide fit by focusing on 40 additional anatomic landmarks


VISIONAIRE Downloadable Resources


Technique Animations

VISIONAIRE Adaptive Guides - Femoral:

VISIONAIRE Adaptive Guides - Tibia:

VISIONAIRE Adaptive Guides - Alignment:

VISIONAIRE Adaptive Guides - Journey II XR:


  1. Hicks C, Saunders C. VISIONAIRE™: More efficient for total knee arthroplasty (TKA) than conventional techniques. Evidence in focus: Systematic literature review and meta-analysis. 2018.